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SCES 2013 will be held in the central part of Tokyo. The conference venue is the newly built Ito International Research Center in the main Campus of the University of Tokyo (Hongo campus).


We are very happy to add Tokyo to the long list of cities that welcomed the SCES conference series: Sendai (’92), San Diego (’93), Amsterdam (’94), Goa (’95), Zurich (’96), Paris (’98), Nagano (’99), Ann Arbor (’01), Krakow (’02), Karlsruhe (’04), Vienna (’05), Houston (’07), Buzios (’08), Santa Fe (’10), and Cambridge (’11). Every three years since 1997, SCES has been joining triennial International Conference on Magnetism, held in: Cairns (’97), Recife (’00), Rome (’03), Kyoto (’06), Karlsruhe (’09), and Busan (’12).



Following the tradition, SCES 2013 will cover a wide range of topics in the diverse field of strongly correlated electron systems. SCES emphasizes the fundamental physics of electron interactions in systems that span from bulk materials including f-electron based heavy Fermions, d-electron based compounds, and organic materials to artificial materials such as nanoscale structures as well as cold atoms in optical lattices. The main topics that will be featured in SCES 2013 are listed below.


The conference will provide a forum to present new research and exchange ideas. Presentations will consist of plenary, invited and contributed talks and a number of poster presentations. Interaction among the participants, especially younger participants, will be an important objective of SCES 2013.


Topics of SCES 2013 will include:

  • Heavy fermion physics (including valence and/or charge fluctuations)
  • Quantum phase transitions and quantum criticality
  • Kondo physics in bulk materials and nanoscale structures
  • Non-Fermi liquid properties
  • Metal-insulator transitions
  • Quantum magnetism and physics of frustration
  • Ferroics and multiferroics
  • Exotic superconductivity
  • Correlated atoms in optical lattices
  • Topological aspects of strongly correlated systems
  • Strong electron-phonon coupling
  • Other related topics