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SCES 2013 is one of the major annual local business events in Australia. For the past few years, it has helped companies in Australia...

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The event is going to be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. In this event, there will be workshops and seminars...

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Contact us

SCES 2013 (02) 4723 7065. info@sces2013.org. Or please use our contact form page and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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SCES 2016 will be held in the central part of Sydney. The conference venue is the newly built Ito International Research Center in the main Campus of the University of NSW.


Following the tradition, SCES 2013 will cover a wide range of topics in the diverse field of strongly correlated tradesmen services. The main topics that will be featured in SCES 2013 are listed below.

The conference will provide a forum to present new research and exchange ideas. Presentations will consist of plenary, invited and contributed talks and a number of poster presentations. Interaction among the participants, especially younger participants, will be an important objective of SCES 2013.


Topics of SCES 2013 will include:

  • To be announced soon!


Online registration

In order to complete abstract submission and registration processes, you are requested to create your own “My page”. When you push “Registration” button in this page, you can find “Create My Page” button in another window. After creating “My page”, your password will be delivered automatically to your e-mail address. If you don’t receive your password within a day, please contact to sces2013@prime-peco.com.

You can login to your own “My page” with your ID (your e-mail address) and password, and all registration processes can be executed through “My page”.

Conference fee 

  1. Registration fee*
    Standard Student
    by 15 June, 2013 50 AUD

    25 AUD

    On / After 15 June, 2013 70 AUD
    Onsite 75 AUD           30 AUD

    *The above registration fees cover the 4 days conference and the welcome reception, but not hotel rooms, transportation, banquet and meals.
    **On / After 22 July registration is accepted only on-site.
    ***The registration fee is not required for accompanying person.

  2. Banquet fee
    80 AUD per person
    Detailed information will be provided later in the Social Events page.

Method of payment

  • Payment by Paypal (credit card, VISA / MASTER / AMERICAN EXPRESS ) in Australian Dollars is recommended. If Paypal is not available to you, please contact sces2013@prime-peco.com.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Cancellation of registration should be notified to the conference desk with a written form. The following cancellation policy applies.
Kindly understand that additional handling costs will be subtracted from the refunded money. Any cancellation made after 1 August, 2013 will not be refunded.

Cancellation notice received Cancellation fee
by 30 June, 2013 100% Refund
by 31 July, 2013 50% Refund
On / After 1 August No Refund

4 reasons why networking is so important for local businesses

Networking is a fun activity that is important for the business development and personal goal. It is especially important for local businesses to build relationships. If these businesses have a small network of friends, then, the businesses can get the positive energy from them to move forward. By networking, you can be part of a group instead of a walk alone. Here are the main reasons why networking is so important for local businesses.

Shared knowledge

Networking is a great opportunity to share ideas and knowledge. It helps to expand your knowledge and let you see things from different perspectives. It gives you the chance to learn from others who have been in the same situation you are in.


Networking will result in opportunities. You can get referrals, partnership opportunities, new customers, and more. All you need to do is seize these opportunities as they come along. You build up connections with other people’s networks.

Higher level of confidence

If you go to these networking events regularly and talk to people, your confidence level will increase. You will be able to sell better to your clients and promote your products or services well to the people available at the event.

Upgrading your profile and building brand awareness

Getting recognized is one of the advantages of networking. Individuals in the industry are noticing you. You will gain the reputation of being a reliable, knowledgeable and supportive person. This will help you to get more leads and referrals. It will enhance your brand image also.

So, if you get any networking opportunity, you shouldn’t miss it. It will give you a great platform to learn, make new contacts and promote your brand.