The benefits of wood-made toys for child development

Toys play a major role in developing some skills in children. Besides enhancing their social skills while playing with other children, they significantly improve a child’s creativity.

wood-bus-for-hours-of-funThe practicality encountered by your kid while playing with toys is indeed an essential part of growing and in short, investing in some toys for your children to play with would certainly be in your best interest as a parent.

However, it is worth noting that toys can be harmful too, especially those with small parts or sharp edges.

For this reason, most parents have found solace in wooden toys and for a good reason. Kid’s products made of wood pack numerous benefits besides safety. Let’s have a look at why wood-made toys are popular among most households nowadays.

Essential Benefits of Wood-made Toys:

Safety and health – while plastic ranks as the most popular choice of material when it comes to manufacturing toys, it can be quite harmful. The high levels of toxins, petroleum and chemicals found in plastic toys can be a health hazard, more so because most babies tend to put everything into their mouths.

Conversely, wood-made toys are made using natural materials such as wood, of course, natural oils, non-toxic finishes and beeswax. As a parent, your kid’s health and safety apparently ranks high on your list of priorities, and your safest bet indeed lies in wooden toys.

Environmental benefits – if you care about your kid, you should strive to ensure a better environment for the future. Most wood-made toys are made from recycled rubber trees, which are cleared to pave the way for new ones.

In short, these toys are crafted from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials meaning you are saving the world directly by purchasing wooden toys. On the flipside, factory-made plastic toys pollute the environment in many ways including the batteries used to power them.

Development benefits – unlike the modern toys which can be noisy and distracting, wood-made products are designed to get the best out of your kid’s imagination. These toys facilitate meaningful play defined by problem-solving skills and cognitive responses.

wooden-bicycle-to-playFor instance, rather than sitting down and watching a remote controlled car moving around the house, they’d rather do push it themselves and figure out why a car gets stuck in the mud and not dry land. Besides this, wood crafted play items stimulate a child’s senses in many ways as they welcome the child to feel, touch and explore.

In a nutshell, there is a wide range of educational wood-made toys on the market for children. All you have to do is figure out your kid’s potential, to find the perfect ones that match their persona. They are a valuable source of development and education compared to their plastic-made counterparts.

If you are still wondering why investing in traditional wooden toys is right for your little angel, go through the above benefits and see why. Besides, they are way durable and can, in fact, last a lifetime. Technology is great, but striking the perfect balance is essential.