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Should I Fix Or Replace My Old AC Unit?

We all look forward to summers and the warm weather associated with it. Sometimes, the scorching temperatures and high humidity affect the life span of our air- conditioners. Most people are compelled to fix or buy a new air-conditioning unit when the damage happens. The main question is whether to fix the old AC or get a new one.

Before replacing or fixing your air-conditioning unit, you might consider the following factors.

The severity of the problem

replacing a filter is often a good startA faulty AC unit could be an indication of something simple as a clogged/dirty filter or a major issue such as a faulty compressor. Making simple repairs is inexpensive and may extend the life of the cooling unit. However, for major repairs, getting a new AC is recommended. Consult a certified service technician for inspection and maintenance.

Energy efficiency of the system

A lot has been said about saving energy. It is important to have energy –efficient AC unit that will reduce the energy costs. The AC may be operating fairly and blows away the summer heat, but is it running efficiently? Remember the cooling unit will run a lot during summer, and that translates to high energy bills. Consider investing in energy- efficient and saving model if the energy bills seem exceptionally high.

How old is your cooling unit?

How old is your AC and does it meet your AC needs? How heavily do you use the system? For instance, some people will use it during the hottest days. Others will use non-stop right from spring to fall. Ideally, an AC unit should last for a maximum of ten years. However, simple maintenance on an annual basis may extend the lifespan to several years.

Could your house be the problem?

Houses with insulation older than ten years may lack adequate ventilation and insulation. What is the condition of your vents? Are doors and windows sufficiently sealed? Sometimes, the problem lies in the house and not the AC unit.


Why you Need to Hire an Architect for your Home

If you’re looking to build your dream home, working with an architect from the start is essential. In many locations, you are legally required to submit your build plans to an architect before construction can take place. However, having an architect on hand as part of your team of builders and designers can ensure that the building process goes as smoothly as possible and they can even save you thousands of dollars down the road.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you need to hire an architect for your home.

Personal Advocacy

designing-and-plan-making-is-keyYour architect serves as the intermediary between you and your designer, your builder, and the building inspector. Not only do they make sure that your design meets all necessary legal requirements, but they ensure that your design reflects your wishes as much as possible. Think of your architect as being your advocate, making sure that the rest of the team stays focused on building your home and not just another house.

Experience and Expertise

Your architect has the skills and the experience to make your dream design come true -while still holding to your budget. They can also make your design as green as your budget permits. They also can take that experience and make sure that your finished home holds to your aesthetic and also feels warm and inviting, rather than possibly intimidating and cold.

They will look at the design for your home and add in those thoughtful touches that truly make the living space functional. These are little things like having enough room by the door to get in and take off your shoes, or a spot for your kids to take off and leave their backpacks when they get home from school… even something as simple as making sure that a bathroom door doesn’t open into and block the main walkway.

Cost Effective

Your architect can save you money down the road by anticipating problems that the builder may otherwise miss.


It eliminates the need for costly repairs later. Your architect will also ensure that the building plans are followed, rather than the builder deciding to veer from the plans based on their personal experience and preference. Plus, your architect can better navigate unforeseen problems that arise during the building process. They’ll come up with functional, safe, and legal solutions to keep your home construction on schedule.


The benefits of wood-made toys for child development

Toys play a major role in developing some skills in children. Besides enhancing their social skills while playing with other children, they significantly improve a child’s creativity.

wood-bus-for-hours-of-funThe practicality encountered by your kid while playing with toys is indeed an essential part of growing and in short, investing in some toys for your children to play with would certainly be in your best interest as a parent.

However, it is worth noting that toys can be harmful too, especially those with small parts or sharp edges.

For this reason, most parents have found solace in wooden toys and for a good reason. Kid’s products made of wood pack numerous benefits besides safety. Let’s have a look at why wood-made toys are popular among most households nowadays.

Essential Benefits of Wood-made Toys:

Safety and health – while plastic ranks as the most popular choice of material when it comes to manufacturing toys, it can be quite harmful. The high levels of toxins, petroleum and chemicals found in plastic toys can be a health hazard, more so because most babies tend to put everything into their mouths.

Conversely, wood-made toys are made using natural materials such as wood, of course, natural oils, non-toxic finishes and beeswax. As a parent, your kid’s health and safety apparently ranks high on your list of priorities, and your safest bet indeed lies in wooden toys.

Environmental benefits – if you care about your kid, you should strive to ensure a better environment for the future. Most wood-made toys are made from recycled rubber trees, which are cleared to pave the way for new ones.

In short, these toys are crafted from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials meaning you are saving the world directly by purchasing wooden toys. On the flipside, factory-made plastic toys pollute the environment in many ways including the batteries used to power them.

Development benefits – unlike the modern toys which can be noisy and distracting, wood-made products are designed to get the best out of your kid’s imagination. These toys facilitate meaningful play defined by problem-solving skills and cognitive responses.

wooden-bicycle-to-playFor instance, rather than sitting down and watching a remote controlled car moving around the house, they’d rather do push it themselves and figure out why a car gets stuck in the mud and not dry land. Besides this, wood crafted play items stimulate a child’s senses in many ways as they welcome the child to feel, touch and explore.

In a nutshell, there is a wide range of educational wood-made toys on the market for children. All you have to do is figure out your kid’s potential, to find the perfect ones that match their persona. They are a valuable source of development and education compared to their plastic-made counterparts.

If you are still wondering why investing in traditional wooden toys is right for your little angel, go through the above benefits and see why. Besides, they are way durable and can, in fact, last a lifetime. Technology is great, but striking the perfect balance is essential.

How to leverage the power of local conferences to attract more customers

Building relationships with everyone in the industry are important to stay in the competition today. This way you can earn the trust of prospective buyers and clients. It’s a good way to build goodwill as well.

Conferences offer a unique opportunity to discuss the current trends, future opportunities, share knowledge and make important business decisions.

Here are some of the ways to leverage the power of local conferences to attract customers.

  • Conferences let us achieve multiple sales and marketing objectives at once in a short period. It is possible to reach many customers, display new products or services to clients, and interact with the people of the industry. You should try to generate leads.
  • Receive information from different people in the local industry. You can learn a lot about customers and prospects in the industry by talking to them directly.
  • Take the opportunity of meeting one-to-one with suppliers, leaders and other players in the local industry.
  • You should create brand awareness through promotion of your products or services, social shares, etc.

Conferences are an excellent way to meet the influential people in the industry.You can learn many new things by listening to the experts in the industry. You have the chance to talk to them and clarify any matter that’s bothering you. You can get a great deal of inspiration from these top leaders in the industry.

The conference is a great platform to market your products or services to other companies. It gives you a wonderful networking opportunity and increases the chance of growth of your company. So, as a business owner you should take full advantage of these conferences.

5 industries that are desperately looking for qualified graduates

Every year, new graduates enter the market with new skills and talents. The job market also highly anticipates their entry into the market as they can bring fresh ideas into their businesses. Here are the industries that are looking for qualified graduates this year.

1. Engineering


2. Education


3. IT


4. Construction


5. Personnel/Recruitment


From the list, it is seen that the Engineering and Education graduates are in high demand this year. The main reason is due to the continuous skill gaps in these two industries. Studies have revealed that there is a lack of engineers in this sector as experienced engineers retire and universities cannot attract new students. The same situation is with the education sector. This sector has failed to retain qualified teachers. The main reason for this is the increasing levels of admin and other extra workloads. There is always demand for graduates in the IT industry. As the industry is booming and is always looking for innovations, this sector needs creative thinking and new skills which only the new graduates can bring in. The construction and recruitment industries are also looking for graduates desperately to fill in the skill gaps.

Industry data suggests that university qualifications are decreasing in value. Employers now consider work experience more important than university degrees. If this trend continues, degrees may become obsolete by 2041. A new graduate cannot bring much to the industry unless he or she is qualified. The five industries just mentioned are looking for qualified graduates who can make some significant contribution to the industry and fill in the skill gaps that exist.

4 reasons why networking is so important for local businesses

Networking is a fun activity that is important for the business development and personal goal. It is especially important for local businesses to build relationships. If these businesses have a small network of friends, then, the businesses can get the positive energy from them to move forward. By networking, you can be part of a group instead of a walk alone. Here are the main reasons why networking is so important for local businesses.

Shared knowledge

Networking is a great opportunity to share ideas and knowledge. It helps to expand your knowledge and let you see things from different perspectives. It gives you the chance to learn from others who have been in the same situation you are in.


Networking will result in opportunities. You can get referrals, partnership opportunities, new customers, and more. All you need to do is seize these opportunities as they come along. You build up connections with other people’s networks.

Higher level of confidence

If you go to these networking events regularly and talk to people, your confidence level will increase. You will be able to sell better to your clients and promote your products or services well to the people available at the event.

Upgrading your profile and building brand awareness

Getting recognized is one of the advantages of networking. Individuals in the industry are noticing you. You will gain the reputation of being a reliable, knowledgeable and supportive person. This will help you to get more leads and referrals. It will enhance your brand image also.

So, if you get any networking opportunity, you shouldn’t miss it. It will give you a great platform to learn, make new contacts and promote your brand.