Should I Fix Or Replace My Old AC Unit?

We all look forward to summers and the warm weather associated with it. Sometimes, the scorching temperatures and high humidity affect the life span of our air- conditioners. Most people are compelled to fix or buy a new air-conditioning unit when the damage happens. The main question is whether to fix the old AC or get a new one.

Before replacing or fixing your air-conditioning unit, you might consider the following factors.

The severity of the problem

replacing a filter is often a good startA faulty AC unit could be an indication of something simple as a clogged/dirty filter or a major issue such as a faulty compressor. Making simple repairs is inexpensive and may extend the life of the cooling unit. However, for major repairs, getting a new AC is recommended. Consult a certified service technician for inspection and maintenance.

Energy efficiency of the system

A lot has been said about saving energy. It is important to have energy –efficient AC unit that will reduce the energy costs. The AC may be operating fairly and blows away the summer heat, but is it running efficiently? Remember the cooling unit will run a lot during summer, and that translates to high energy bills. Consider investing in energy- efficient and saving model if the energy bills seem exceptionally high.

How old is your cooling unit?

How old is your AC and does it meet your AC needs? How heavily do you use the system? For instance, some people will use it during the hottest days. Others will use non-stop right from spring to fall. Ideally, an AC unit should last for a maximum of ten years. However, simple maintenance on an annual basis may extend the lifespan to several years.

Could your house be the problem?

Houses with insulation older than ten years may lack adequate ventilation and insulation. What is the condition of your vents? Are doors and windows sufficiently sealed? Sometimes, the problem lies in the house and not the AC unit.