The event is going to be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. In this event, there will be workshops and seminars, exhibitions of local products and services, inspirational lectures from keynote speakers, open networking opportunities and much more. There will be a bumper prize draw that will give you the chance of winning a cash prize of AUS $ 5,000. If you have a local business, then you shouldn’t miss this great opportunity. Please check out our website regarding the dates and venues.

We give away some limited numbers of complimentary tickets as a first come first serve basis. The tickets are available in various categories. These tickets are sponsored by the local companies. These are:

Early Bird Limited Complimentary Tickets

With this ticket, you can attend seminars, get open networking opportunity and participate in the prize draw. You will not be able to showcase your product or service with this ticket. If you fail to attend, then you will be liable to pay the price of a standard ticket.

Regular Tickets

This will let you exhibit your products and services. You will get an allocated space for your exhibition. You can attend workshops and seminars, get to network with important people in the industry and participate in the prize draw. These tickets cost AUS $50.

VIP Tickets

You will be able to get the front space for displaying your products or services. You can participate in all the workshops, seminars, and also the prize draw. You will get the chance to take part in a one-to-one session with the keynote speakers. Free lunch and lucrative gift hamper are included with this ticket. The cost of these tickets is AUS$ 100.

All the tickets are non-transferrable. If you decide not to participate, you should notify us at least 15 days before the event to get a full refund. Call us to book your ticket today!